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Both private and public clouds are now extremely popular. This is just one of the numerous reasons and advantages for Yeboweb Business Hosting own cloud solutions. In the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) area, Yeboweb offers high-performance cloud services with its public cloud-based on HP Helion OpenStack, and in the future also with private cloud. Software as a Service (SaaS) first cloud solutions is already available with Cloud Cloud and Cloud Storage products.

With the revised server hosting area of ​​Yeboweb Business Hosting, this is one of the largest and most innovative hosting companies in the market. Here, the Yeboweb Business Hosting always relies on branded hardware from HP and optimal support of your customers. The quality claim is not less compared to that of a good price-performance ratio. The new product portfolio now covers not only the area of ​​dedicated servers but also the spectrum of the root servers and virtual servers.

This creates a complete hosting overall offer on attractive terms. Also in the future, it is our goal with new, standardized hosting solutions to convince our existing and new customers of our services.

Since 2006, Yeboweb Business Hosting offers customized managed hosting solutions for external and internal customers. For many years, large server farms with more than 500 servers have been operated, managed and managed for individual customers. In addition to a load balancer, firewall and IDS (intrusion detection) solutions, Managed Server Hosting products pay special attention to high-performance and effective DDoS protection.

On this basis, Yeboweb Business Hosting can create highly available and attractive offers, especially for demanding hosting areas such as e-commerce, gaming and online advertising.

Speak to our sales team for custom services to support your online goals.